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DIY How To Paint Mirror like Finish *Step by Step Using RustOleum Oil Based Paint / Part 1

I will demonstrate how it’s possible (step by step) to get a Super Hi Gloss PAINT FINISH using RustOleum Oil based paint. It’s a little bit of work however t…

Maimeri Puro Superior Professional Oil Paint

Italian Maimeri makes one of the richest oil paints All in Safflower oil All colors light fast Maximum concentration 63 colors single pigment formulas.
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Question by Mimi: How to draw a photograph without using the grid technique?
So I am pretty good at drawing/painting and do well at shading/coloring things photographically. But the problem is that my sketching skills kind of suck. I’m used to using the grid technique where you make a grid on the photograph and then draw a grid on a piece of paper. But I want to learn how to sketch things without the grid, especially drawing portraits. I can draw normal objects without the grid really easily but people are so hard for me. Like making all the facial features proportionate and its hard for me to draw heads that are set up at a side angle. Does anyone have any tips to make sketches more accurate? Cuz I always end up erasing way too much and the end drawing still won’t look like the photograph. And I think I spend more time trying to perfect the sketch rather than focusing on the shading.

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Answer by mfg
Get the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. An easy way to see where you need to make changes is to look at your drawing in a mirror. Good luck.

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How to edit/crop pictures together using ms paint & microsoft word

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