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Painting a picture of the John Edwards trial

WXII’s Stephanie Berzinski catches up with a courtroom artist who is providing the courtroom sketch images you see during the coverage.
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Jonah was painting a picture and started to paint his belly.

Question by karenmeha: What are some ideas for a cartoon involving the Scopes Trial?
We are required to create a cartoon, preferably satire, that involves the Scopes Trial. The cartoon can be either for or against evolution. The cartoons also have to have specific details from the Scopes Trial.

Best answer:

Answer by Volusian
Well, it was a carnival like atmosphere during the trial. Vendors outside the courthouse were selling stuffed monkeys, and a few bystanders actually had real monkeys.

William Jennings Bryan was the prosecuting attorney, a great orator and twice-failed presidential candidate, who is best remembered for his ‘Cross of Gold’ Speech.

Pro Evolution CARTOONS:

Draw Bryan standing mightily on a bible outside the courthouse with his mouth open. Show him with his right arm extended upward with his right forefinger pointing towards the heavens. Add a monkey attacking him and biting him on his bu*t.

Anti-Evolution CARTOON – I’ll let you think of one.

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