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Question by Sandra: How do you start your own cartoon channel?
instead of working for Disney, nickelodeon, or cartoon network, i plan to create my cartoons and start a channel for them. i would work for Disney, and all the other companies i listed, but they all suck now (they are no longer as good as it used to be). so once again, i want to start my own channel of cartoons that i created, along with others (who want to bring back REAL CARTOONS!)
i’m not talking about YOUTUBE channel, i mean a channel like nickelodeon on television.

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Answer by Wri†er«
ME! Great idea, I don’t know how to start, I do know you need a grant, a sketch artist, space, and money. So good luck, once you have that then you need an idea. I’m full of ideas! Hit me up ;D

Good luck! x

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Question by The New Yorker: When did art start to become realistic?
When did humans grasp art to the point where they were able to realistically draw or paint a person’s face?

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Answer by johnm
I would say the greeks in 300 bc did a good realistic job, but I suspect that most people consider Michelangelo in 1475 to be the real beginning of realistic painting.

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Question by : Want to start spray paint art, what is best paint that’s cheap?
I’m a painter but want to start spray paint art too. What is a cheap yet good spray paint brand to start with?

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Answer by paul
Walmart has cans of spray paint for 98 cents. Spray paint is spray paint.

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