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Question by Yo-Do-Frodo-Bilbo-BoBo-Baggins!lol: How can you draw the same manga character over and over again in different positions?
I am trying to draw this manga character in different positions and every time i try it looks wrong. How can i draw it without it looking weirdly wrong?

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Answer by Professor Awesome
Practice. Memorize the characters face and proportions. Every new drawing of that character may look a tiny bit different but as long as it has it main details. I suggest drawing the characters face over and over again so you get comfortable with that.

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Question by Lola Marie: Is sulfur that is contained in Latex body paint the same as sulfa?
I am planning on doing some paint art on my body with latex body paint and I realized it contained sulfur. I took these antibiotic pills for my skin called sulfa, and I was very allergic to it. Are they both the same thing? I need to know this before I start this process. Thank you.

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Answer by Aki
the sulfa you reacted to contains sulfur, however they are not the same thing. they are chemically different and if you react with one it does not by any means mean you will react to the other one.

in short, no they are not the same and you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

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Question by Minhaj Swati: How to draw a perfect portrait that looks same as the picture?
I can draw a portrait but it doesn’t look alike the picture from whom Im drawing. Let me know how to draw the accurate portrait.

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Answer by Mitra
take a thin paper and put it over the portrait. you can then draw it.

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