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Question by musicismysinfullover: How do you draw clothing on a real person figure?
I’ve recently gotten into figure drawing (just a hobby) and I want to find a good website where I can learn to draw clothing…I am hopeless in this area.

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Answer by darligraphy
I love for their information on drawing.
Try the links below…I’m glad you like drawing clothing (I don’t like drawing fabrics!)

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Real time digital painting : Hair

____Click on “Show more” to look at my tutorials___ _____ HOW TO DRAW (digital and traditional art)_____ FACE: FEM…
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Question by some guy: What martial art do you believe works best in real life situations?
There is no best art, only a practitioner, every one has their preferences.SO what martial art do you find works best for YOU? If you cross train please tell me what combination of arts you think work best for you. Please only people who train in arts, not a person behind the computer saying muay thai, BJJ, and wrestling because it works in the UFC. Thanks.
clowns you contribute alot to Y!A MA community but are you sure you practice Tae Kwan Do? you seemed to have spelled it wrong, or is it a typo?
Edit: clowns I am an on and off martial artist some martial arts I have taken a few classes in but can’t say are my arts are Kyokushin karate, Tae kwan do, and Judo. I have trained for 1 and 3/4 year muay thai 1/2 year mma, and 2 months bjj. I also took Krav Maga for 3 months but you can say I don’t have that much experiene compared to others on th MA Y!A board.
Oops meant to say experience*

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Answer by boohoo_Jebus
Drunken Monkey Kung Fu….

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