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How to draw people: Articles and suggestions by professional artists how to draw anything between stick figures to drawing men, women and children.
Learn How to Draw and How to Paint… Like an Artist!

How to make clothing appear manly for cartoon characters that you’ll draw, including shape tips; learn tips, tricks and more about cartooning in this free ar…
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How to draw a cute and simple cartoon chihuahua in less than 4 minutes! Difficulty level 3/5. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for lots more drawing tutori…

Question by Bea: What courses should I take to learn to draw anatomically correct people?
I can draw very well from observation, but I find I have major issues drawing from my head, which is extremely frustrating because I have so many ideas.
Should I take an anatomy class? Can anyone suggest to me courses I can take or if I should find an external drawing class.
Any sort of suggestion that could help me find a way to learn anatomy well will be much appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by green
you have answered your own question !
anatomy class will help you a lot .
good luck 😀

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Question by Nicole: How do i make an cartoon avatar profile pic like most people on yahoo have?
How do i make a cartoon avatar to appear beside my name when i post or answer questions?

Best answer:

Answer by Froggie
For a cartoon avatar, create it here:
There are many many choices in styles appearances and colors – you can save more than one choice. Remember to SAVE it. Select the picture (avatar), Click ‘use picture’, then Save and Exit. There are many choices to be made, but remember to save your final choice.

Return to the Yahoo Answers site:
To activate this avatar on YA site: left click, in order: … your current avatar or YA name
… ‘Edit My Info’ next to your avatar.… browse and select which avatar you want to use.
… ‘Preview’ (bottom), … then OK.

P.S.: Mine also shows up in the main Messenger program, because I used another technique. Open the Messenger, click Messenger tab > My Display Image > Share My Avatar. You could also use a picture here.

BONUS: The avatar will also appear in your Yahoo Mail too.

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Question by Sammer Jammer: How did art affect people during the Renaissance?
How did art affect people during the Renaissance? More specifically, but not exclusive to, Italy?

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Answer by Naz F
Art was a means of competition between the Italian city-states. Instead of competing through war – which they officially denounced as bad for business, especially trade – they competed in who could create the best art.

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