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Question by : What subjects are most important to art colleges?
I know art is the most important, haha.

But other than that are there certain subjects that they look at more closely? I was thinking they may look at anatomy if you’re going to be doing a lot of art regarding the human figure, and maybe history since art colleges require you to take an art history class (right?). Is math important? Or foreign language?

Thank you!

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Answer by girly girl
Well for an art history major, a foriegn language is importantand required for graduate school, but I’m not sure about an art major. I’ve looked through my school catalog nd at the required courses for an art major and math isn’t one of the classes required for the degree except for the general education requirements. At my school art majors are requred to take at least 4 or 5 art history classes. There is also a specific class for drawing the human body and also an intermediate class for that as well. Leonardo and some famous artisits actually got permission to cut up catavers in order to know how the human body works and how it looks like from the inside, so an anatomy class wouldn’t hurt.

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Question by Bcks: What cartoon characters are most popular among Thai Children?
I’m running an english speaking lesson for young learners based around cartoons. Does anyone know the most well known cartoon characters for the children in Thailand? The age group is around 7 – 10 years old.

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Answer by josh
I think they like a lot of Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and maybe Naruto. hmm soo I think if you could find the English dubbed versions of shows like that they would be interested. I’m not sure which actual American or English cartoons they watch though.

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Question by Dre Dizzle: What art movement post 1945 do you find most interesting and why?
What art movement post 1945 do you find most interesting and why?

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Answer by J25code2
well personally i always like the OP Art (optical art) which is a style of abstract painting utilizing geometric patterns or figures to create various optical effects, such as the illusion of movement

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