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Question by Yo-Do-Frodo-Bilbo-BoBo-Baggins!lol: How can you draw the same manga character over and over again in different positions?
I am trying to draw this manga character in different positions and every time i try it looks wrong. How can i draw it without it looking weirdly wrong?

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Answer by Professor Awesome
Practice. Memorize the characters face and proportions. Every new drawing of that character may look a tiny bit different but as long as it has it main details. I suggest drawing the characters face over and over again so you get comfortable with that.

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Question by ragedmanguy: How can learn to draw manga and anime on the computer?
I want to learn how to draw manga and anime on the computer. I dont know how to draw at all, so where could I find good tutorials?

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Answer by theskesh
First off you will need a Tablet if your not just going to use a mouse (hard but possible) and then Google it…

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