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Question by Kay B: How do I learn to draw sketches like the designers?
I’m decent at drawing when it comes to still life and portraits, but I really want to know how to draw the sketches to design clothes. Any suggestions about how to learn or how to draw them?
I’ve tried it before and I’m not very good… Any help is great!

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Answer by Krissy
Practice. if you can draw you should be able to do what you want. You just got to practice to get better.

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The title pretty much says it all. I show how to take a normal photograph and make it look like it was watercolor painted. I’ll print the instructions below….
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DIY How To Paint Mirror like Finish *Step by Step Using RustOleum Oil Based Paint / Part 1

I will demonstrate how it’s possible (step by step) to get a Super Hi Gloss PAINT FINISH using RustOleum Oil based paint. It’s a little bit of work however t…

Maimeri Puro Superior Professional Oil Paint

Italian Maimeri makes one of the richest oil paints All in Safflower oil All colors light fast Maximum concentration 63 colors single pigment formulas.
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Comprehensive master class in oil painting. This master class shows how to paint a classic still life with tonal technique. \Paint from life like a professional painter.

Question by quantum: What is the name of the contemporary cartoon show featuring a character that looks like Betty Boop?
That cartoon show is similar to Family Guy or American Dad, in that it is intended for a more adult audience.

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Answer by Ritchie L
Do ya mean the cartoon where a bit of characters live together like the real world television series. If ya mean that cartoon, it is entitled “Drawn Together.”

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