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Question by Bea: What courses should I take to learn to draw anatomically correct people?
I can draw very well from observation, but I find I have major issues drawing from my head, which is extremely frustrating because I have so many ideas.
Should I take an anatomy class? Can anyone suggest to me courses I can take or if I should find an external drawing class.
Any sort of suggestion that could help me find a way to learn anatomy well will be much appreciated!

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Answer by green
you have answered your own question !
anatomy class will help you a lot .
good luck 😀

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Question by Kay B: How do I learn to draw sketches like the designers?
I’m decent at drawing when it comes to still life and portraits, but I really want to know how to draw the sketches to design clothes. Any suggestions about how to learn or how to draw them?
I’ve tried it before and I’m not very good… Any help is great!

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Answer by Krissy
Practice. if you can draw you should be able to do what you want. You just got to practice to get better.

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