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Question by Sabbi: What is the importance of art careers in our society and how does it affect our lives?
ART includes: music, dance, drama, and visual art. I need a good answer.

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Art expands ones ability to create options. Look at the following concept born out of a conflation between art and real life:

Avant Garde/Dada Atheism is (sort of?) as follows:

Many “churches” and “religious” movements such as The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster satire religion by creating a parody religion. satires Christianity itself. However, that satire ends at the conceptual level on the internets stage. The Church of Atheism continues the satire by having incorporated the church with the state of Wisconsin and pushes the concept into a paradoxically actual religion – as “actual” as any religion can be.

Simply because you have said there is a place for non-believers where you will burn in hell or the beer will always be flat, does not make it true. Nor does having a legal status as a religion, make it true. There is no true religion. All religions are equally false and absurd. Every religious title and ritual has been made up, no matter if it is the ridiculous Christian churches or the Avant Garde Atheist churches such as the Invisible Pink Unicorn religion, or the First Church of Atheism.

(It reminds me of Brancusi ‘s sculptures. He was a foreign sculptor who was forced to pay tax on his art even though art is tax exempt. He wound up in a court battle, after which the court ruled that his sculptures were art. When that happened, art exhibits that had previously rejected his sculptures, suddenly regarded his art as art and wanted his sculptures. In effect, the courts determined what was art and what was not. Incorporating an Avant Garde Atheist religion as a legal religion just continues the satire of the “authority” systems which define for us what is a religion, art, or what is true and pushes it into a paradox. Similarly, Michael Duchamp’s dadaism challenged us all with the question “What is art?” when his piece became the first to be rejected by the Society of Independent Artists. What he submitted was a signed urinal. The next day the news papers published the scandal on the front page and his “art” became highly demanded. He then underwent mass “production” of signed urinals. A signed urinal today could fetch around a million dollars.)

So like Michael Duchamp’s urinal challenged us to question what art was, Avante Garde Atheism challenges us to question what religion is.

Pure Avante Garde Atheism, however, pushes past mere parody into a actualized religious status both in an actual definition and a legal definition. The Church of Atheism in Eau Claire is legally incorporated in the State of Wisconsin and holds that all people have a religion as outlined below:

Religion, in its most basic, is the answering of the “big questions” such as 1.) Where did we come from 2.) Where are we going? 3.) Is there an unchanging aspect of individuals? 4.) How should we live our lives?

Every thinking person has an answer for the Big Questions whether the answer is “I don’t know,” “Goddidit,” or “The Big Bang,” etc. Therefore, every person has a religion.

A religion need not be shared by any other person, believe in a god, or believe in the supernatural to exist. A religion need not, and cannot, represent all of the actual beliefs of its adherents. All rituals, titles, and religious organizations are made up. It stands to reason that Atheism can create equally valid (for none are valid) aspects of organization, if they choose to create a church such as the Church of Atheism.

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Importance of Nature Art

Article by Bora Doll

Importance of Nature Art – Art

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The classical art is of several types and such arts that can attract more and more people towards them are very limited. The nature art is a best example of such arts. It is said that it is the only art that lot of people love in the past and in the future also it will be the number one art liked by the the people. The best thing about the nature art is that it is always beautiful. Actually this art works on the ideas that a person has in his/her mind and thus it is not always necessary that a nature art is totally based on the nature and something there is another stuff as well in the natural paintings or photos along with the nature. Some of the arts of famous nature artists have become so famous in the world and one can still see them in the famous art museums of the world. Actually it is possible to modify a picture even more than this percentage but you are recommended to go for this only if you can do this task in such a way that it doesn’t appears under any situation that the picture is modified.People often called natural art as fine art and this art is actually such art that lot of people like to do.

Taking a common natural picture of nature sometimes makes a person feels just like a nature artists. There are large numbers of people who go for this art in the spare time and they consider as one of the best opportunities of their life. Taking wildlife pictures is also consider as one of the best nature art and in Africa there are lot of people who go for this art. As there are lot of national parks in Africa so probably lot of type of Animals can be founded there which attracts lot of nature artists? Generally what happen is that people take wildlife photographers in order to sell them in the market and one where is a best captured picture the nature lovers often give them a best price for that and in addition to this the nature artists take part in lot of photo contest through the moments captured by them through their camera. This doesn’t mean that only those artists go for this art who want to earn something from this art but rather than them, there are lots of artists that go for this only because of their personal collection of nature art. There is no doubt that nature art is becoming more and more famous because of advancement in technology.

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If you are looking for more nature art be sure to check also motivational art as an alternative.

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Bora Doll

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If you are looking for more nature art be sure to check also motivational art as an alternative.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Beautiful nature oil paintings by fineproart

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