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Question by play hard: What kind of good paying jobs can a art history major get?
I love art, and I’m going to start taking art history in school but i want a good paying job after i graduate. what can i do that will let me get paid for something i love?

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Answer by RedPower Woman
Here are websites that list careers one can obtain with a degree in Art History:

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Question by carmen111: What does it mean when they say to draw an artifact that would represent the current period in our history?
I have to draw something that represents the current period in our history but i don’t get what that means.
1. Does that mean to draw something that represents what we use today in modern times or
2. to draw something that that was found in the history?
but i still don’t get it. what else does it mean? and what can i draw?

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Answer by Inarticulate Babbler
In archaeological digs, they often date finds according to what they discover at the site: certain kinds of pots were formed and fired a certain way within a twenty year period, and certain jewelry was only made with a particular type of clasp for a ten year period, where the two overlap tells scientists what era they are from.

I believe you are being asked to draw something that could only be found in 2008 or later (something that came out this year) and something that was around (wouldn’t be rare) during this year. Likewise with identifying another time period in history by drawing two thing common to that era. Robert E. Howard dated his Purtian character by this means: Solomon Kane carried a rapier and a flint pistol (not to be confused with the later flintlocks) and they could have only been acquired together in a five year period.

You could draw your cell phone, a flat TV, iPod, etc…

I hope this helps.

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