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Painting From Picture Is Very Possible

Article by Mirjan

Painting From Picture Is Very Possible – Art – Painting

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The first plus point is, it is much reasonably priced. This is particularly true about online portals. Online portals don’t have to bear overhead charges, the advantage of which they provide to their clients.

Yet another plus point is, it is very comfortable. You want your portrait done, however cannot pay a visit daily to a painter’s studio and perform as a model to her for him for hours. You have to go to the workplace, watch over your family, pay a visit to your child’s school, and so many chores to accomplish. You simply don’t have time to pose for the painting. In such a circumstance, it is excellent to get your painting made from your photograph.

Next advantage is you need not reduce your options to your local studio artist. You can get the task completed by the proficient artists from all over the world. Internet makes it happen. By just scrutinizing for some time, you can find countless firms who make painting from picture. You can watch their gallery and fix which of them is the most apt and hire them. Hence you get a wide choice. And as pointed already, because internet portals have no overhead costs to pay, their work is much affordable than your local painters. Yet another plus point is associated with a portrait containing more than one individual. Suppose, if you wish to get a family unit portrait done of those members who have staying in foreign countries or are no more in this world. In such a case, you can comfortably get their portrait accomplished from their pictures, instead of taking them before the artist, which is not possible. Also you don’t require your photograph along with them. You can give different photographs to the painter and talk about what exactly you long for. E.g. poses of all the persons in the painting, their outfits, emotions, etc. And you will get a splendid family painting from picture.

Still one more benefit is you can get your portrait accomplished with the expressions you want. Simply required for this is you should select a suitable photograph. Even, you can talk about your expectations to the painter and get the desired kind of portrait. Whereas, posing in a studio makes it far impossible to bring the correct facial expressions.

One disadvantage of painting from picture is possibly that the painter may be simply a mechanical one. But that can be surmounted by minutely searching though his or her catalogue. At the time of scrutinizing the albums of the online portal or the painter, check whether the painter has painted the expression of the person in the painting or has only produced it unthinkingly. This too can become one of the criteria at the time of seeking your painter.

Yet another detriment can be, you don’t obtain a chance to look at the progression of the job. This can be surmounted by requesting the painter to deliver the pencil drawing to you before filling colors in the painting. If the outline is not of your liking, you can tell your expectations and make alterations.

Thus you can see that in comparison with the cons, pros of generating a painting from picture are quite prominent. That is the reason why this mode of art is becoming popular nowadays.

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Albeit creating a painting from picture has some detriments, its benefits many more.

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whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.


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Albeit creating a painting from picture has some detriments, its benefits many more.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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Question by Jane Doe: How do I draw something from my imagination?
I have difficulty with this. I want to be able to draw whatever comes to mind but I have to scan google images and look for example photos before I can draw anything.
It’s like I can’t draw something decent unless I have something to look to for guidance.

How do I get past that and simply draw whatever comes to mind?

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By imagining it

I guess

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