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Question by Luis: What else can I draw?
I love to draw. Naturally I would want to get better. Here is what I can draw.
-Mecha(Transformers, Gundam, etc..)
-Stick Figures

I need ideas. Anything. Please. I’m bored to death of the same old thing. And I’m horrible with landscapes, environment.

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Answer by Joe Doe
draw kung fu fights ….and then try to animate it

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You can see the original tutorial of How to draw knights at

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Happy Opening to Maleficent! SURPRISE! Bet you didn’t see this one coming? 😉 After I told you I was going to teach you Belle. Don’t worry Belle will be next…

Question by The Smart Pineapple: What do you think I should draw?
I am really interested in drawing some pictures for fun. Not for fortune or bored occasions. I was thnking of drawing animals, but I don’t like drawing animals or buildings.

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Answer by Jello F
a toilet with a garden growing out of it

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