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Question by Katrina: help i dont know what to draw?
i dont know what to draw i cannot draw people and i draw flowers all the

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Answer by Leah Woodson
Monkey hanging from a tree by it’s tail eating a banana

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Charted at #15 on Billboard Hot 100 in November 1966. One of Gary’s catchiest songs, and one of my favorites. Original Billboard review: “Following in the sa…
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Painting with Larry Wall. Tips, Tricks, Techniques for those interested in oil painting. Things you need to know the other videos don’t tell you.
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Instead of foul smelling and sometimes dangerous linseed oil or buying expensive oil paint mediums you can use fairly inexpensive vegtable oil, its a trick

I learned from Cheap Joe’s catalogue to not throw away your crumbling, broken pastels. Pulverize them with a mortar, then mix in a bit of alcahol or mineral