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Question by Yo-Do-Frodo-Bilbo-BoBo-Baggins!lol: How can you draw the same manga character over and over again in different positions?
I am trying to draw this manga character in different positions and every time i try it looks wrong. How can i draw it without it looking weirdly wrong?

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Answer by Professor Awesome
Practice. Memorize the characters face and proportions. Every new drawing of that character may look a tiny bit different but as long as it has it main details. I suggest drawing the characters face over and over again so you get comfortable with that.

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Question by Lady lovely locks: How do I draw cartoon faces at different angles?
I have to draw a cartoon character in 4 different situations (walking, eating, shopping, directing) with different face angles. It also has to be drawn in the style on 1950s cartoon characters, but must be a character I created.

Can anyone help or provide helpful links?

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Answer by Adam
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Question by RedRaiderAshley: How is public art different than gallery art?
Public art functions differently than art that one encounters in a gallery or museum. Why?

This is for an art appreciation essay so any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by Vince!
I would think that public art exhibits generally feature local work, while galleries feature work from a wide range of places, as well as featuring local artists. Gallery is not necessarily better quality work than public display; the quality of a piece of art is relative to what you personally enjoy viewing.

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Question by Matt: How do you draw different greek gods and goddesses?
I need to draw different greek gods for vacation homework at school. It’s due on march 10 and im not that good at drawing. PLZ give me a website that tells me how to draw them. I would prefer the tutorial to be a video. Oh if you can find a tutorial how to draw an anime version of it plz give me that one instead.

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Answer by jplatt39
To draw the human figure use:

You might also use a mirror. Among the Greeks, for men, the nude image was holy — it meant the hero had passssed beyond the need for clothes. So if the character is make,, you might just draw his attributes and leave him nude. A mirror might help. For women, draw the figure, a long dress, pull the hair back, then put on the goddes’s attributes.

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