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Most artists tend to use HB pencils when they are drawing. However, this grade can cut into paper leaving permanent grooves…. I prefer to use a
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Looking at how one holds a pencil may indicate how confident or otherwise, an artist is with their drawing equipment. As a professional T tutor, I watch
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Question by : What martial art do you take or taken that really helped your confidence to be able to defend yourself? Why?
Is there any martial art that you took that really boosted your confidence/attitude in defending before you started?

Did you ever have to use that martial art in self-defense?

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Answer by Link0710
I took a little bit of Tai Kwando ( that spelled right?? ) and Jujitsu, was gonna take kendo but all the classes got shut down…. 🙁 Anyway I was small kid back then, like under 5′ till i hit 15 lol but i never had issues with confidence. I played football and skateboarded alot. I did use the stuff i learned a few times. Since i was little, people would try to mess with me, but I already was a good fighter and the stuff i learned really help with some people, mainly the guys that were 2-3x my size lol Dont have an issue now, i got more respect standing up for myself.

Now im 19 and still barely 5’7″ so still pretty short, but i can take my friend who is 18 and i think like 6’4″ or so and 268lbs… lol he’s a big dude, just cant let him pin me or its over!

Anyway you should look up the difference choices you have available to you, and look online to see what the different things you’ll be learning that suites you. Tai Kwando is more self defense and keeping on your feet, and usually “wrestling” your opponent to the ground. Where as Jujitsu was more of hands on defense, with offensive tactics and foot work. Those worked out good for me since football and skateboarding.

Ether way you should never be cocky about knowing martial arts, you should never attempt to fight people just too. Trust me i’ve hurt people ( defending my self ) not too bad but i’ve broken an arm and knocked this one kid unconsios.

Like i said, figure out what you have available to you, then look online and see which suties you best. Sometimes they will be diff too because certain trainers will mix in 2 or 3 other forms.

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