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Animation of the picture: 13-year-old winner Trisha Co Reyes from the Philippines urges the global community to increase environmental protection efforts.

Our Childrens Kids Adjustable Easel is ideal for painting and drawing, creating pictures for mum and dad and it even includes a blackboard, Kids will have so… This is an informational video about Will Terry’s 7 video series, “How To Illustrate a Children’s Book”. These videos explain designing your picture book, storytelling with pictures, character design, illustration design, rendering & painting, working with color, and success in the marketplace. You can watch all 7 videos at:
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Van Dogh - Baby Turtle - cartoon videos for children, guess what is painted

Cartoon videos, show for children, puzzles and visual riddles to play with toodlers and kindergarten. Van Dogh is painting a baby turtle when their friends come, the kids make a picture a little more complicated, wioth the baby and others elements. Do you know what is it? Synopsis: Won, Pan and Kit, ride their tricycles through colorful, Spring-like paths, knowing they’ll find Van Dogh on their way. He shows them the magic in his brushstrokes, where shining stars mix his drawings and transform them into puzzles. Every day, the imagination of Yon, Pat and Kit, shall have to face the challenge of solving such these visual and colourful enigmas, while with his funny suggestions, Van Dogh fills their meetings with lots of laughter. Cartoon series that helps the development and stimulation of imagination and creativity of children through entertainment. Videos of games for children © Motion Pictures, SA Production – Format 104×4′ – 3D HDTV Target: Preschool More Van Dogh cartoon videos: Subscribe to Channel: Other cartoon videos: Motion Pictures in social networks: Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest –
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