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Question by leon: American cartoons vs Japanese cartoon?
Which one do you prefer?
And why do people get mad if some one call Japanese amine a cartoon. i mean its a cartoon its fake the only difference is the name (animation/amine) even if you have cable and click info on a cartoon like bleach or naruto it would say animation. so basically animation and amine are the same thing the only different are the language. so yea.

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Answer by ◊⇧Vergil⇧◊ 902
i like them both

i like japanese animation better than american animation, and vice versa.

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Question by j.shizzell: What would be a good political cartoon to draw that is about slavery in the 18th century america?
i have to do a political cartoon about slavery in 18th century america. any ideas that could get me started?

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Answer by Jim Rooks
just draw a picture of a slave and his master, with an ankle chain binding them both

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