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Question by elix: What should I do if I want to become an animator and cartoon caricatures drawer?
There is absolutely, no school to learn animating and cartoon drawing in where I live, but I want to learn those because, I am very, very interested in learning those. It’s like a passion, but unfortunately time is passing without having to learn anything, so if you know any way, I could help my self, please inform me. and how long will it take me to be able to draw those cartoon character you can see in newspapers? It is difficult, does it take months, years.. for a simple drawing of people / animals…


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Answer by Kylene
To draw like the cartoons you are seeing-Time doesn’t really apply.

Sometimes it is based on the individual.And art is still art no matter how long you have practiced,Though I’m sure they’ve practiced for years.

Animating can be self taught. I know a lot of people who have taught themselves to animate/put together cartoon strips.

You could draw them by hand and scan them, or start drawing them from the computer.

Photoshop is good for making page layouts for cartoons.It also has an animating option.Flash Would be good for putting the animation together, it makes the animations more smooth.Sai is not needed, but it’s better for making the line art.

Search YouTube, I’ve seen many tutorials for animating on there.

They will tell you mainly how to plan out the animations, but there are some telling you how to use the programs.

And there are definitely a lot of good tutorials for using programs to make comic page layouts.

But Just keep practicing.And remember, You should practice drawing first, then comes animating.

I hope this Helps~♥

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Question by Audrey: What academics do you take to become an art teacher in college?
General art as a major and education as a minor, or would it be Art education?

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Answer by Mathematician
To teach high school, you’d need an education degree with art as a specialty. To teach college, you’d need at least a masters, maybe a doctorate. You’d also need to produce art work, or art research that would make the school want to hire you. Getting a job as a college professor is extremely competitive. Finding a job as a high school teacher would be the easier route.

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Question by The New Yorker: When did art start to become realistic?
When did humans grasp art to the point where they were able to realistically draw or paint a person’s face?

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Answer by johnm
I would say the greeks in 300 bc did a good realistic job, but I suspect that most people consider Michelangelo in 1475 to be the real beginning of realistic painting.

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