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No copyright infringement intended. Just a fan trying to get the word out about this awesome band! Paint a Picture is one of my favorite songs by Everfound a…
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Charted at #15 on Billboard Hot 100 in November 1966. One of Gary’s catchiest songs, and one of my favorites. Original Billboard review: “Following in the sa…
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This is Part 1 of a three part video series on “How to Paint the Red Hibiscus in Watercolor.” In this video I demonstrate how to paint this beautiful flower …
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Track 08 off of 99 Songs of Revolution, Volume I. Streetlight Manifesto’s version of They Provide the Paint by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. Lyrics: There is a man with no face and a name I dont remember always in the house in the middle of the woods And he said once Son, dont you laugh out loud for they are listening, oh, they are listening. Oh youve got to be strong, Oh, youve got to keep holding on. Its now just a matter of time They provide the paint for the picture perfect masterpiece that you will paint on the insides of your eyelids; Can you possibly see anything you want to see? No (Hell No!) Theres nothing wrong with the way I see And he wanted to be a soldier in the next great war he wanted to kill and fight and maim but not be told what he was fighting for. And thats the way its gonna have to be my friend, and thats the way its gonna have to be my friend. I passed a man on the corner in the city yesterday singing, Yada yada yada and tomorrow itll end. I never thought Id live to see another sunny day But Im here and I fear I’ll be here until the end. So watch your mouth, or youre gonna make a grave mistake. Hold your tongue, or youre gonna catch a bullet in the head. Watch your mouth, or youre gonna make a grave mistake. Dont die for anything less than the best of life. The things he said went to your head, you never tried to understand: “What they take you will never take back, ‘Cause they take what they take when they can cause they can from you. You

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