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Looking at how one holds a pencil may indicate how confident or otherwise, an artist is with their drawing equipment. As a professional T tutor, I watch
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Want to know how to draw noses?

Maybe not.

Maybe you were looking how to draw faces, and somehow ended up here.

But drawing noses is, whether we like it or not, part of the task of drawing a complete face.

These tips will get you started.

The nose is composed of bone, cartilage and muscles:
how to draw noses fig 1a

In making a likeness of a human face, much depends on the nose.

Noses add character to a face.

how to draw noses fig 1


You should study the planes of the nose.

how to draw noses fig 2 how to draw noses fig 3


Use shadows to bring out the form as the nose must stand out from the face.

Learn to block in the nose before modeling and softening the planes in completion:
how to draw noses fig 4

How to draw people: Articles and suggestions by professional artists how to draw anything between stick figures to drawing men, women and children.
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Question by Katrina: help i dont know what to draw?
i dont know what to draw i cannot draw people and i draw flowers all the

Best answer:

Answer by Leah Woodson
Monkey hanging from a tree by it’s tail eating a banana

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